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A charity setup for all carers across the Dudley borough. The new name for INSIGHT for Carers Service, providing support, advice, information and signposting to unpaid Carers throughout Dudley.  WeLoveCarers is a charity based on very simple principles – Empowering Carers and Changing Lives. Founded in 2009 as the INSIGHT for Carers Service, we are proudly independent and striving towards total self-sufficiency. We exist to give the tens of thousands of unpaid Carers throughout the borough of Dudley the support, information and advice they need to take control of their lives and live it to the maximum.

There are many organisations that offer support, information and advice to Carers, but the vast majority are predominantly there for the person with the disability, certainly they focus on specific areas. WeLoveCarers has 2 main projects: INSIGHT and CHAOS!. INSIGHT is there to support Carers of adults, CHAOS! exists to support families with disabled children and provides a range of specialist play services.

We Love Carers exists to reduce carer isolation, ensuring they have access to the support they need, enabling them to fulfil their caring role and achieve their full potential. We Love Carers is run by carers for carers. We Love Carers focuses on the Carer, filling in gaps and working hard to empower them so they can lead the happiest, most rewarding and fulfilling lives whilst reaching their full potential.

This will help them to be effective carers for the people they love and look after and be involved in decisions and making choices that affect their lives. We do all this by focusing on three key areas, information, support and advice. Many carers are isolated and don’t know where to turn for help. We Love Carers aims to change that for Carers in the Dudley borough.


of Carers feel stressed due to their caring role

people take on a caring role every single day

Carers in the Dudley borough



Our main aim is to empower Carers and their families by ensuring they have access to all the information they require. Caring can be a lonely role, we aim to help change that.

Many carers don’t know what help is available to them.


We Love Carers want to engage Carers and their families to ensure that our services are representative of their needs and they have access to the support that are entitled to.

Everyone should get the help they require, regardless of their circumstances or budget cuts.



We also want to reduce the isolation of carers and their families. Sometime this can just be a real person to listen to their problems.

Other times this might be to aire views and needs of Carers to be represented to external bodies.

for ALL unpaid Carers in the borough of Dudley

Our Trustees

WeLoveCarers is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.  We are governed by a wonderful group of Trustees who make sure we do things right, stick to our beliefs and deliver the services we have promised to Carers.  They are responsible for the organisation and have trusted the day to day running of the charity – the delivery of the services and the decision making that takes place to ensure things run smoothly – to the Management Team.

Our Trustees are there to support us and help when things are challenging.  They are our friends and always available to talk, as well as help with practical tasks like cleaning, decorating, organising events and running a bar!  We all look forward to our Trustee meetings as they are very enjoyable, even when we don’t have a load of good news to share. The Trustees always want to hear whats happening, supporting and advising through their own experiences and expertise.

Anyone can apply to be a Trustee and we welcome all to come and support this fantastic cause.

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If you’d like to know more about what we do, when we are doing it or just more in general about caring, fill in your details and you will be added to the We Love Carers newsletters.

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If you want to get in touch with the We Love Cares team, do it here.

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