Wheelchair Services

Read about parent carers fight to retain wheelchairs for their childre http://www.stourbridgenews.co.uk/news/16271865.welovecarers-fights-changes-to-boroughs-wheelchair-services/

Happy New Year

When I first helped with the charity it was because I was frustrated with the ‘system’ and lack of help for carers. Knowing that both of my boys were life-limited and had complex needs made me more determined to fight for what they deserved in life, and that was to be...
Taking the time to care – A Higgs & Sons article

Taking the time to care – A Higgs & Sons article

Operating a charity reliant on the generosity of benefactors large and small can lead to challenges in terms of long-term development, and even survival. But when that charity is providing a much-needed service to the local community, it is important that it has a...

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