Welcome to We Love Carers Dudley

A charity setup for all carers across the Dudley borough. The new name for INSIGHT for Carers Service, providing support, advice, information and signposting to unpaid Carers throughout Dudley. 

There are many organisations that offer support, information and advice to Carers, but the vast majority are predominantly there for the person with the disability, certainly they focus on specific areas.

We Love Carers exists to reduce carer isolation, ensuring they have access to the support they need, enabling them to fulfil their caring role and achieve their full potential. We Love Carers is run by carers for carers.

We Love Carers focuses on the Carer, filling in gaps and working hard to empower them so they can lead the happiest, most rewarding and fulfilling lives whilst reaching their full potential.

This will help them to be effective carers for the people they love and look after and be involved in decisions and making choices that affect their lives.

We do all this by focusing on three key areas, information, support and advice. Many carers are isolated and don’t know where to turn for help. We Love Carers aims to change that for Carers in the Dudley borough.



Our main aim is to empower Carers and their families by ensuring they have access to all the information they require. Caring can be a lonely role, we aim to help change that.

Many carers don’t know what help is available to them.


We Love Carers want to engage Carers and their families to ensure that our services are representative of their needs and they have access to the support that are entitled to.

Everyone should get the help they require, regardless of their circumstances or budget cuts.



We also want to reduce the isolation of carers and their families. Sometime this can just be a real person to listen to their problems.

Other times this might be to aire views and needs of Carers to be represented to external bodies.

for ALL unpaid Carers in the borough of Dudley

What we do

Based in Brierley Hill, our services are offered to all carers in the Dudley borough and the surrounding areas. Carers can be referred or self-refer. We have a simple criteria – if you believe you’re a Carer, we believe you.

We Love Carers has two main projects: INSIGHT and CHAOS!.  INSIGHT is there to support Carers of adults, CHAOS! exists to support families with disabled children and provides a range of specialist play services.

Our Values



We believe that everyone should be valued for who they are, that we should celebrate people’s differences and treat people with dignity and respect.



We believe that we should provide support to people in a non-judgemental way that honours privacy and confidentiality.



We believe that everyone has a right to be included and empowered to fully participate in society.



We believe we should always strive to improve the quality of our services, never accepting we are ‘good enough’.



We believe that we should take responsibility for our environment, recycle where possible, buy ethically, locally and conscientiously.



We believe we should create the freedom to benefit from all opportunities.



We believe that everyone should have the opportunities to learn, grow and develop.



We believe that we should create an environment that actively encourages creativity, unity, innovation and positivity.

Read the latest news

Jess and Rhian Participating in 1st Super Sprint Triathlon

Every summer, my niece Florence attends 3 weeks of specialist play sessions run by WeLoveCarers and CHAOS!. For my beautiful niece and lots of her friends with additional needs, this service provides them with a safe, fun, and educational place to go over the summer.... read more

New Scallywags Sessions

A new day has just been announced for the Stay & Play sessions at Scallywags on Level Street, Brierley Hill. Sessions are now run on Wednesdays from 1pm until 2.30pm. As usual it’s absolutely FREE, feel free to drop us a line if you’d like anymore... read more

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