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Wheelchair Services

Read about parent carers fight to retain wheelchairs for their childre http://www.stourbridgenews.co.uk/news/16271865.welovecarers-fights-changes-to-boroughs-wheelchair-services/

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Happy New Year

When I first helped with the charity it was because I was frustrated with the ‘system’ and lack of help for carers. Knowing that both of my boys were life-limited and had complex needs made me more determined to fight for what they deserved in life, and that was to be...

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SEND 19 to 25 year old Entitlement to EHC Plans

A guide for local authorities about EHC plans for 19- to 25-year-olds with special educational needs and disability (SEND) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/send-19-to-25-year-olds-entitlement-to-ehc-plans/send-19-to-25-year-olds-entitlement-to-ehc-plans

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Fuller Working Lives: a partnership approach

The Government have released a new publication: Fuller Working Lives: a partnership approach. It states how the Government and Employers should be working together to support Older Workers, encourage them back to work and retain them in the workplace. Part of the...

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Taking the time to care – A Higgs & Sons article

Operating a charity reliant on the generosity of benefactors large and small can lead to challenges in terms of long-term development, and even survival. But when that charity is providing a much-needed service to the local community, it is important that it has a...

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New Scallywags Sessions

A new day has just been announced for the Stay & Play sessions at Scallywags on Level Street, Brierley Hill. Sessions are now run on Wednesdays from 1pm until 2.30pm. As usual it's absolutely FREE, feel free to drop us a line if you'd like anymore information.

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2015 summer project – A volunteers view of CHAOS!

As a trustee for We Love Carers I felt that is was important to understand how volunteering fits into the charity and see firsthand the impact that the 3 week summer play scheme Complete Chaos offers. I had volunteered for holiday chaos before but always shied away...

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Care calculator launched by BBC

The BBC has launched an online guide to the care system for the over-65s. The "care calculator" covers both residential care and the support provided in people's own homes, for tasks such as washing and dressing. Users can submit their postcode and find out how much...

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